Welcome to WSWO.ca!


Welcome to our 2013 WSWO refresh! We're updating our communications platform to better serve you, our membership. Paul Roberts and our board of directors have been working hard over the winter to bring a new, redesigned website and newsletter to your screen and coffee table. We're working on reviving our brand to make it more attractive to new members, sponsors and partners. We're working on being more remarkable everyday and we couldn't do it without your help!

Our web site reflects the strong sense of community with-in our membership. It's a place for you, our member to place classified ads, job postings and used gear. It's a place to get info on that latest events and dig deep into our governance polices too. Check out our resource section to find photos and videos from events and watersports or get over to the classified section to check out the latest from other members too.

Please keep in mind that we're continually making changes to our new space and it will be better every day!

The new and improved newsletter brings us and our atheletes back into the spotlight, showcasing our sport and aligning ourselves with our creative industry sponsors and partners. Our newsletter will showcase what's going on in our community along with aligning messaging and events. We continually looking for new content and ideas for articles and photos! Submit anything you've got and we'll make sure it gets in here!


Please joing me in welcoming the new updates! Have some feed back? Find me on Twitter @dusty_t

Get out on the water!


Dustin Titus

Director of Marketing