UPDATE - July 9th and 16th Water Ski Tournaments

 WSWO would like to pass on the following information from our VP Tradtional - Stephen Collins


Please note the following:

1. The July 9 event scheduled at Mono Mills has unfortunately been cancelled.
2. The Ontario Water Ski Championships, originally slated for Mono Mills July 16 have been moved to Spray Lake, King Township. Practice July 15 can be scheduled by contacting Spray Lake directly on-line at spraylake.ca. $60/set.

The Ontario's will be a one day event, RC sanction, one round per event for Ontario Championship medals.
Start time July 16 will be 7:30 am. Due to time restraints, there will be no LTC rounds.

Notice of intent to register must be received no later than noon Wednesday July 13, indicating which events to be entered (S,T,J). Payment on-site July 14 or before start time July 16. 

Please have the following information when registering: Date of Birth, WSWC /WSWO number, IWWF number (9 digits).

Fees: First event: $100. Second and third events, $10 each. Maximum fee $120.00.
The Eastern Canadian Water Ski Championships will also be held at Spray Lake, July 29-31. Please check the WSWC website for full details.
See you at Spray Lake!
Steph Collins
V.P. Traditional
Water Ski Wakeboard Ontario