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Active Adult Membership - $50.00

*This membership includes a competitive license with WSWC*

This membership is for individuals who belong to any WSWO affiliate club, who wish to participate in any of our sanctioned contests, tournaments, events or courses. In addition, this membership provides access to:,

*TOWSMART boat insurance program

* CAIP (Canadian Athlete Insurance Program) + other WSWC insurance programs.

This is also for any athlete of a school or event and are an instructor, coach or official. This membership will keep a record of your credentials in our database of active certified coaches, instructors and officials.  Members will receive monthly updates on events taking place throughout the year, a copy or our annual WAKES Magazine, and perks and privileges from our organization’s various partners. This membership is essentially for those who are active participants within the organization.

Active Youth Membership $40.00

(16 years & under) 
*This membership includes a competitive license with WSWC*

This membership is an Active membership for those who are 16 years of age and under. Perks of this membership are highlighted above in the ‘Active Adult Membership’.

Grassroots Membership

*Does not include a WSWC membership or access to WSWO or WSWC insurance programs*


This membership is for the recreational individuals who would like to participate in a local event, or get more involved in wakeboard, wakepark, wakesurf, waterski, showski, barefoot, adaptive and other areas of towed watersports. These members will receive information-based services (emails, trick tips, information about events in the area, location of watersports facilities in their area, access to our classified ad service as well as a copy of our annual Wakes magazine. This membership is great for those who are new to the sport and/or competitions and want to get involved with Water Ski Wakeboard Ontario!


Please note that this membership does not include a WSWC membership, nor does it include access to WSWO or WSWC insurance programs. Also note that members who would like to participate in one local event a year may purchase the Recreational Membership.



*Membership is valid from
January 1 - December 31 of
a given year*.


For organizations such as schools, clubs, and summer camps, that are interested in obtaining WSWC Liability Insurance, hosting WSWO sanctioned events and/or participating in our

Rip 'n Ride Program

Schools: $100

Clubs: $100

Camps: $100


Please review the following Waivers:


Multiple Individuals (Minors):


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