Jason McClintock Named Ontario Water Ski Team Coach

The Board of Directors of Water Ski Wakeboard Ontario has approved the application from Jason McClintock and has named him Ontario Team Coach for Traditional Water Ski.
The mission of the Ontario Team Coach is to encourage and retain more participation from young Ontario water skiers, and develop these athletes to compete aggressively in local, regional and national competitions. Some of these skiers will become the elite of the future.
This position is a major step in ensuring that Ontario continues as the number one water ski province in the country.
Jason McClintock brings a new and enthusiastic vigor to this position. As a member of Canada’s national Water Ski Team for many years, Jason brings a wealth of national and international experience to share. His experience with many of the worlds most respected coach’s gives him an unparalleled depth from which to teach, motivate and inspire our developing skiers. Over the past few years, Jason has demonstrated his ability to take skiers to new levels of excellence. He will now take on the role of Ontario Team Coach to take skier development to a whole new level.
Water Ski and Wakeboard Ontario congratulates Jason McClintock as he assumes the newly created position of Ontario Team Coach. We wish him the very best of success.
Stephen Collins
Vice-President, Traditional
Water Ski Wakeboard Ontario