Camp Tamarack is Hiring!




Where: Camp Tamarack is privately owned and is situated in the heart of Muskoka on a 1000 acres of land.Tamarack offers a wide variety of water, land and arts based programs.

Duties Include: Instructing and assisting campers in waterski and/or wakeboard related activities (including driving the boats) as well as general counsellor duties at meals and in the evening.

Camp Season:

a) Pre-Camp – June 19-26
b) Camp Season – June 26-August 13


c) J-Craft – 135 hp
d) Avenger – 150 hp
e) Barge (16-18 ft) - 35 hp - that may be used to transport campers and staff around camp
f) Moomba (used for Wake program)

Benefits include: room & board, laundry, 6 days off, use of camp facilities, valuable life experience

Salary Range: $500-$2500

Required current Certifications:

a) PCO card
b) Standard First Aid/CPR C
c) Bronze Cross
d) (Camp Tamarack is willing to pick up the cost (and room & board) to get certified with Bronze Medallion, Bronze Cross and Standard First Aid/CPR C during a course running at Tamarack from June 15-19.

Contact: Ellen Howard